Lessons learnt from Salsa


I went to a salsa class and social the other day and wow what a learning curve. It has been a while since doing any kind of dance and although I did salsa in Colombia we didn’t partner so it was my first time doing partner dancing and god was it hard to get used to the man has to lead thing. But anyways, here is what I have learnt.

Your partner will make or break you. Now obviously there is personal responsibility to get the moves right but if your partner doesn’t know what he is doing you are done. And if he does know what he’s doing then your golden. These golden moments reminded me of how important it is to lean on and to trust other people.

On a less deep note I realised how little coordination I have and how my brain can’t cope with making my body move multiple parts at one time to form a sequence. And maybe this (well definitely) these are the same issues I’m having in climbing at the moment. I think It’s why I often climb better on my own and in a relatively empty centre (move dependant). There’s less information for my brain to process and it means I have more space to think about what I’m doing and get my positionings right. Rather than that panic blank when you feel pressure to be fast because people are waiting or shouting beta at you that you don’t always want whilst on the wall as it confuses the little head even more. But my coordination, processing speed and brain body connection is definitely something I need to work on!

That’s it for this week. As next week is international eating disorders awareness week (I know NEDAW was this week) I will try and write some sort of EDAW thing!

5 thoughts on “Lessons learnt from Salsa

  1. jesusluvsall February 28, 2020 / 9:42 pm

    I don’t dance out of concern of inuring people around me because I am a klutz. lol

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