Travelling with chronic illness pt 1


That’s all I can say right now. Lots of stress, lots of organisation, lots of back and forth emails, phone calls, website requests, GP visits.

Lots of money being spent and mistakes being made which are stressful to correct.

It’s knowing your not well enough and your going to have to push yourself to your limits, but the trying to damage control by ensuring wheelchair assistance is in place at airports and ensuring you have enough of all your current prescriptions causes more stress than you need.

Travelling without a chronic illness is stressful. There’s so much too it! But with a chronic illness, especially as an adult where all this organisation needs to be done by you, for you. And it’s terrifying, especially as someone with telephone anxiety which is not ideal as an adult with a chronic illness who is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

It’s excessive packing lists, having to be selective over which suppliments/symptom relief methods are coming with you. Because you don’t have the space for everything.

It’s all the what if’s? Having to be extra secure in the fact that your travel insurance is everything you need it to be.

A lot of wanting to do everything and anything. Wanting to see it all, do it all, keep up with the rest of the group. But 50% will be a push, so you know 100% will land you in a hospital. Knowing that all though this will be the experience of a lifetime that sacrifices will have to be made. Be that in having to take more time to rest at night, or having to take weekends to rest. Whatever is necessary to keep me from actually passing out in public or ending up with paralysed limbs throughout the trip.  But those sacrifices hurting your heart, even before they happen. Because you feel like your missing out on some amazing experience.

To sum up. Before departure date, it’s a lot more stress and worry than there ordinarily should be or would be.


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