What is a Restrictive Eating Disorder?

An eating disorder is the demon inside of you, the one that can’t be got rid of by exorsism or any other religious means.

It’s the voice that is trying to kill you.

It’s the control, for an out of control life.

It’s a voice that pretends to be a friend; lies to you – breaks you.

She takes away your Quality of life, she takes away what living truley is.

An eating disorder is a mental illness which consumes every thought.

She sends you panicking over weight gain, weight maintenance, weight lost. She sends you panicking over that number on the scales.

That number on the tape. You have a 26inch waist lets get it to 24, 23, 22, 21, 20…. She tells you ¬†you can never be too skinny, she tells you you must lose more although not everyones eating disorder started because they wanted to lose weight.

It’s just that losing weight, the focus of losing weight. It distracts you from the problems in every day life. Soon starvation has a sense of euphoria associated with it, self destructive behaviours. Purging. You do them to cope with what’s going on with life, it isn’t really to lose weight. That’s just what she says.

If you do this, you will be beautiful.


That’s one thing we all want. To be loved, to be beautiful to be accepted.

And that is what an eating disorder is. The demon inside you, the voice inside of you that promises all of these good things.

She makes you latch on to her grip, get deeper and deeper into it. You never realise that she is out to kill you.