My Argument towards meat eaters un-open to veganism

Meat eaters un-open to veganism

So as you know I have been interesting in going vegan lately. Well since august time. So what about 6 months. I have done my research and this is not an irrational decision.

My granddad goes and shouts at me cause my mum was moaning at him about it like “YOU CAN’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET!” A) I don’t believe everything I read on the internet. b) I do not just get my research from Freelee. 

I have done research into the meat industry, the dairy industry and quite frankly even without the research I felt the meat industry was wrong. (I’m not aloud to be vegetarian either) Why should we use animals for our own benefit? Since when was a horse or a dog more valued than a cow or a sheep?  Yes you could argue that they are companion animals but then any animal could be a companion animal. It is just what we have been bought up to believe. Now you could argue what is the issue with fish? Well extinction for one. Yes there are common species of fish which we tend to eat but some tuna’s and cod’s are becoming rare species. Now as you all know all animals are a vital part of the ecosystem they live in. Why should we have the right to destroy that? There is also the fact that not all tuna is dolphin friendly and not just dolphins but turtles to. Just because it says “Dolphin friendly” on the label. How do you know you can trust your tuna is harming species. Remember the horse meat scandal! (Those in the uk) Do you really know what your eating? There again with meat is the issue of unnecessary pain and suffering in the process of catching fish. So fish should be treated no differently to birds or land mammals. 

There is then of course the issue of health. It has been proven that red meat can lead of an increased risk in Cancer. Me having a high chance of getting Breast Cancer due to family history of the thing would like to do all I can to prevent it and it has been shown that going on a vegan diet can help prevent and even cure Cancers. Breast cancer specifically. Milk contains pus and eggs a lot of cholesterol. Yes I am aware we need a certain amount of good cholesterol same as we need a certain amount of good fats but you can get plenty of that on a vegan diet. Fish has the potential to be highly Toxic and as with other meats with prices decreasing, face it food standards will go down. Both animal standards and tests to make sure it’s safe for us to consume! We get told endlessly about the obesity epidemic in the western world. Diets. Constant diets. Diets which don’t work. You’ll always fall off that wagon! The 5:2 diet would count as one. All rely on restriction. Labeling foods as good and bad. With veganism there will be no need to diet. As long as you don’t eat too many of those hydrogenated fats. If you eat a balanced vegan diet you will have less chance of being obese than if your eating your diet full of meat and milk. 

Surely what we all want in life is to be the healthiest we can be. Have the most energy possible and achieve what we dream. A vegan diet can support that! Look face it if your one of those obese or overweight meat eaters or you one of those meat eaters who has been on a calorie restriction diet and fallen off the Wagon. You can’t argue with me on the health perspective. Ethics well you chose. I would hope there are at-least some people not desensitized to the animal industry. 

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